December gets our vote for the most festive month of 2106.

The Winter Solstice occurs on December 21st in the Northern Hemisphere, an event observed in the U.S. and across the globe. While the interpretation varies from culture to culture, it is a time for festivals, gatherings, or rituals that recognize or symbolize rebirth. This year’s December celebrations include Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, St. Lucia Day, St. Stephan’s Day, and Omisoka.

Here at Summit Financial Resources, we also celebrate our customers, our partners, and our colleagues. Whatever you observe, we’d like to wish you the happiest of holidays and a new year filled with health and prosperity.

In the spirit of the season, we invite you to take a break from the year-end busyness and enjoy a few festive fun facts:

1 – Evergreen boughs and trees have been worshiped as symbols of rebirth since ancient times.

2 – One Menorah burns 44 candles during the eight nights of Hanukkah.

3 – Kwanzaa has seven symbols that represent concepts of African culture: faith, unity, collective responsibility, creativity, purpose, cooperative economics, and self-determination.

4 – According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the biggest snowflake was spotted in Montana in 1887. It measured eight inches by 15 inches.

5 – An estimated 2.6 billion holiday cards are sold each year in the U.S., enough to fill a football field 10 stories high.

6 – The Statue of Liberty is the largest holiday gift in the U.S. Bestowed by the French in 1886, it measures 151 feet 1 inch (46.5 meters) high and weighs 225 tons.

7 – Despite a recent poll that shows nearly 3 in 4 Americans are annoyed with the early arrival of the holiday season, nearly 40 percent began their shopping before Halloween.

8 – In the 1920s, American candy company Loft’s produced the first foil-wrapped chocolate Hanukkah gelt and sold it in mesh pouches resembling money bags.

9 – Annual U.S. retail sales of candles are estimated at $3.2 billion, with approximately 35 percent of sales occurring during the holiday season.

10 – According to the American Christmas Tree Association, it takes 10 years of use before a fake tree becomes better for the environment than a real one in terms of carbon emissions.

11 – 38,000 miles of decorative ribbon are used between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, enough to tie a bow around the entire globe.

12 – The most popular New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight, followed by getting organized, saving more money, and enjoying life to the fullest.

Happy Holidays!

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