Manufacturing companies have unique financing needs. SLR Business Credit meets these needs with working capital facilities that can increase your supplier discounts, allow you to buy equipment, and help you take on more orders. We can finance your manufacturing firm quickly, with a variety of financing options to help you get the cash you need.

If you have reached a limit with your bank, call us now to see how SLR Business Credit can expand your cash flow. When banks are unable to help, we can often get capital from your accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, and/or commercial real estate.

To speak with an SLR Business Credit expert:


We help manufacturing companies that:

  • Need to fund rapid growth
  • Need capital for acquisitions
  • Generate revenue through government contracts
  • Are seeking cash flow to even out sales seasonality
  • May have reached a borrowing ceiling with their bank
  • Are established and need a working capital alternative
  • Are young and unable to obtain traditional bank financing
  • Need cash flow to fund payroll and normal operating expenses
  • Have faced challenging times, and their bank is unable to extend or renew credit

Financing with SLR Business Credit will allow you to:

  • Meet payroll
  • Replenish inventory
  • Capture market share
  • Reduce your cost of collection
  • Generate more sales and profits
  • Meet obligations in a timely manner
  • Expand operations and grow your business
  • Negotiate better terms and prices from suppliers
  • Take cash discounts on your purchases from suppliers
  • Possibly eliminate the cash discount you offer to customers

“Our experience with SLR Business Credit was extremely professional and provided us a positive alternative of financing for a transition period.”

Roger Davis

President, Gardner Opening Technologies, Inc.

“We needed financing as our bank decided to exit the ABL market. We were contacted by SLR Business Credit. They were able to close our loan within 3 weeks. We repaid the bank and obtained additional working capital through a revolving line of credit and term facility. I highly recommend them.”

Bill Goodman

President, Industrial Rivet