It’s National Small Business Week, which means this week is dedicated to recognizing the entrepreneurs and small business owners who keep the country’s economy humming. At Summit Financial Resources, we’re celebrating the vital role we play in helping to keep America’s small businesses humming.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, more than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and they create about two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. each year. As every small business owner knows, growing a company has its challenges, and finding financing and managing cash flow are often high on the list.

Whether you are struggling to make payroll because your biggest client has outstanding invoices or you need to smooth out your cash flow to capitalize on an offer to expand your product line, Summit Financial Resources understands your needs. We’re a small business too, which means we experience many of the same growing pains you do.

Like you, we welcome a challenge. When fluctuations in income, supply costs, or market conditions result in inconsistent cash flow, we put our expertise to work to determine the optimal funding choice to help your small business get the working capital it needs.

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We provide make-sense financing solutions.

Small business financing is what we do, and it’s all that we do. We don’t serve multinational corporations; our clients are start-up, early stage, and growing companies that often find it tough to access working capital when they need it. They want fast, simple solutions that make sense for their businesses, and we’re a make-sense lender.

We finance companies in a large range of industries: from light manufacturing to heavy equipment, from IT staffing to distribution and wholesaling. Our financing programs can take the form of factoring, asset-based loans, inventory lending, or equipment term loans. Our advance rates are extremely competitive and we structure our credit facilities based on your specific needs, allowing for maximum flexibility and minimum restrictions.

Because Summit Financial Resources is not regulated like a bank, we can take more risks and make funding decisions quickly. As a small and nimble business, we are able to respond to the changing needs of your business without any of the red tape and expand your cash flow in a matter of days or weeks, not months.

There are times when you are sending out more than you’re bringing in, when late customer payments cause you to miss out on product launches, supplier discounts, and bigger orders, or when traditional lenders aren’t a valid option and you need to meet payroll. These are the times when you need a financing partner who understands how to help you overcome these barriers to growth.

We can help clear the path, remove the obstacles that are slowing you down, and get you the funding necessary to manage, innovate, and succeed.

Working Capital Financing is a few clicks away.

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Summit Financial Resources specializes in working capital financing for small to medium-sized businesses that need increased cash flow. We provide working capital financing through invoice factoring, asset-based lending, inventory lending, and equipment financing.