The Secured Lender
September 2020 | Volume 76, Issue 6 | pages 94—99

SFNet’s 40 Under 40: Where are they now?


Members of the class of 2018 and 2017 share their accomplishments and career updates since receiving the Award, while giving advice to this year’s class. SFNet’s 2020 40 Under 40 Awards celebration will be held in person at a later date.



Did receiving the 40 Under 40 award encourage you to become involved in additional professional or community organizations or volunteer work? Do you have any updates you’d like to share in your professional life outside of work?

Winning the 40 Under 40 Award exposed me to people I may not have otherwise met. The group of professionals that won the award that year were wonderful, and I continue to connect with many of them professionally and personally. Having the award in common was a great icebreaker. The exposure to young professionals rolled into more involvement with the finance community. Since the Award, I joined the SFNet YoPro National Committee as well as the board of the SFNet New Jersey Chapter. It opened up many doors for volunteering, more so than any other networking event. Being recognized as a young professional is like an endorsement of someone who goes above and beyond, allowing people to take a chance.

How can YoPros build their brand and recognition in this industry?

Winning the award is a great way to get your name out there; start volunteering with SFNet or other organizations. Begin giving back to the community that has awarded your hard work, showing them what you bring to the table. Actions, commitment, and hard work build your brand and volunteering with different groups, helps show your brand to the world.

How can YoPros stand out working from home in this new environment?

An incredible way to stand out at home has been getting involved on projects. When everyone eventually settled into working from home, I offered to work on projects, things that were put on the back burner at one point or another. Taking an initiative to do things outside of your job description will really help you stand out. It proves you can step up to the plate and you’ll be called on for future projects.

What advice would you give to recent entrants or grads into this industry?

The ABL industry has so many rich and diverse options, so jump right in and learn as much as you can. Nobody expects you to know it all. Ask as much as you can. Dig deeper, question things, and understand the foundation of why you do what you do. I think that has advanced me the most in my career. I am not afraid to put myself out there and ask when I don’t know something. I would also say that finding a mentor at different levels of the organization gives you access to different perspectives. Step outside of what you’re doing and always submit your best product as that’s part of your brand.

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