As published in The Secured Lender, June 2024, Vol. 80, Issue 3, Page 28




What is the best professional advice you have been given and how have you implemented it?

Throughout my career, I’ve learned that while external support and mentorship are undeniably crucial, the onus of championing one’s aspirations ultimately falls upon oneself. This realization has empowered me to proactively seek out opportunities, voice my ambitions, and be an advocate for what I deserve. And if you work hard, put yourself in the position to succeed, and have a good reputation, good things will come. Additionally, I learned to never take no for an answer. If you feel strongly about something and you have enough data to back up your thesis, then fight hard for what you believe in!


Do you feel there’s been a learning curve for you as we’ve moved from working remotely, to hybrid to, in some cases, back to the office?

I wholeheartedly embraced virtual networking during the pandemic as it presented an opportunity to engage with professionals whom I might not have encountered otherwise, and I am deeply appreciative of the connections fostered through this medium. However, I want to emphasize the incredible value of in-person collaboration within a traditional office setting. The direct interaction with colleagues across all departments has proven invaluable in my professional development. From participating in initial underwriting processes to navigating portfolio management and, on occasion, resolving problem/workout transactions, the insights gleaned from seasoned mentors “in person” have been instrumental in shaping my expertise and approach. Also, being in the office forces me to wear “real clothes,” and if I’m in my office with my colleagues, I’m more likely to attend networking events in the evenings.


Can you share a pivotal moment or decision that significantly impacted your success?

My tenure as an underwriter at a bank during the Great Financial Crisis afforded me firsthand insight into the challenges and complexities inherent in that tumultuous period. This experience catalyzed a profound realization: the structured environment of traditional banking did not align with my professional goals. I remain forever thankful for the connections that I made and the training that I received there. Consequently, I transitioned into the dynamic realm of non-bank lending, drawn by its agility and entrepreneurial spirit.

Navigating this new landscape demanded a willingness to immerse myself fully, devoid of the extensive support structures prevalent in larger institutions. This necessitated a strategic approach, characterized by collaboration with internal and external experts to optimize my strengths and ability to be successful.

Furthermore, my journey has led me through an unexpected evolution: transitioning from a predominantly credit and underwriting based position to embracing a more sales-oriented role. While initially unanticipated, my comprehensive understanding of credit dynamics and financing intricacies facilitated a fun transition. This fusion of expertise empowered me to effectively convey the value proposition of our offerings, fostering enduring client relationships and propelling organizational growth. When forced with a new challenge, I stepped outside my comfort zone, and realized I love schmoozing with other like-minded professionals.

In hindsight, this transformative journey underscores the profound impact of adaptability, strategic collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in navigating professional transitions and achieving sustained success.


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