ABF JOURNAL Q1 2022  |  VOL. 20  NO. 1  |  Pages 33 – 85

2022 Women in ABL
In an industry with as many moving parts as asset-based lending, how individuals within the industry make an impact and find solutions varies widely from person to person. There is no single career path nor one single way to define success. With this in mind, for its second annual Top Women in Asset-Based Lending feature, ABF Journal spoke to more than 50 of the most influential women in the ABL industry across multiple disciplines to learn about the challenges they’ve overcome, the lessons they’ve learned and the many successes they’ve achieved.

Rochelle Hilson featured on page 49




SVP, COO of Invoice-Based Finance Division
SLR Business Credit

Rochelle Hilson page 49 ABF Journal

Rochelle Hilson started her career in factoring immediately out of college. With an accounting degree, she imagined it was a good place to start, especially considering the job market in the early 1990s. Since then, Hilson has worked with and managed many clients from around the United States, maintaining favorable relationships along the way.

Now senior vice president and chief operating officer of the invoice-based finance division at SLR Business Credit, Hilson recalls having to struggle to earn respect and overcome challenges inherent for a woman working in a male-dominated field early in her career.

“I worked hard to be seen and heard in meetings and thankfully had the support of my senior management that helped build my confidence and credibility along the way,” Hilson says.

Hilson says being a good listener, a good observer and someone who is not afraid to ask questions is the best way to advance in your career. Hilson wishes she learned these lessons earlier in her career. She recommends being unafraid to make a mistake or receive criticism, saying those mentalities will only hold you back. Serving as a mentor to those starting their career in the ABL industry, Hilson keeps her door open to build strong relationships with clients and associates.

Looking forward, Hilson says her professional goals are to grow within her current role at SLR Business Credit while helping the company find new opportunities and new acquisitions in the near future. Hilson is also eager to learn new technologies to better manage risk and develop processes to make her team more efficient.

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