Manufacturers, Temp Agencies, Trucking Companies. Summit Financial Resources provides working capital to small and medium-sized business in a wide range of industries and financial conditions:

–transportation and logistics firms

–staffing and other service companies

–manufacturers of all kinds

–distributors & wholesalers

Summit can provide inventory and equipment pieces in addition to A/R-based financing. We recently funded the following companies:

–$1,750,000 A/R credit line with equipment term loan to a manufacturer of corrugated boxes

$750,000 A/R credit line to an aerospace parts manufacturer

$250,000 A/R credit line to a provider of health care services

$1,200,000 A/R credit line to a maker of high precision metal parts

$500,000 A/R credit line to staffing firm

$300,000 A/R credit line to a trucking company

$3,000,000 A/R & Inventory line to a paper processing company