Summit Financial Resources finances companies of all shapes and sizes: From light manufacturing to heavy equipment, IT staffing to worldwide distribution. Whether you are small or huge, local or global, we see the infinite possibility in your business – and stand with you as a partner, dedicated to helping you realize your goals.

No matter what the industry, our clients have one thing in common: They are well-managed companies that sell to reliable customers. We’ve also found that most of our clients have a similar need – additional working capital. Summit Financial Resources offers invoice factoring, asset-based lending, inventory financing, and equipment financing to help business owners who:

  • Need to fund rapid growth
  • Need capital for acquisitions
  • Generate revenue through government contracts
  • Seek cash flow to fund payroll and operating expenses or balance out sales seasonality
  • May have reached a borrowing ceiling with their bank
  • Are established and need a working capital alternative
  • Are startups unable to obtain traditional bank financing
  • Face challenging times and their bank cannot extend or renew credit

Our sweet spot is industries that sell a product or service, bill for work completed, and can benefit from flexible financing products that keep their cash flow moving so they can stay ahead of the competition.


Manufacturing companies have special financing needs. Summit Financial Resources meets these needs with working capital facilities that can increase supplier discounts, allow you to replenish inventory or buy equipment, and help you generate more sales and profits. We can finance your manufacturing firm quickly with a variety of options to help you get the cash you need and get your team back to work.

Freight & Trucking

If you own a transportation firm, then you know how hard it can be to find financing. Summit Financial Resources offers flexible programs that can increase your working capital by leveraging your accounts receivable assets. We help you get moving, faster.

Wholesale & Distribution

Distribution can be complex, and it takes a sophisticated lender to provide the right kind of financing. Summit Financial Resources can help you with a line of credit that will significantly improve your cash flow. And with more cash on hand, you can expand operations, capture market share, and grow your business – or simply keep pace with normal operating expenses.

Staffing & Professional Services

Whether you run a local temp staffing company or a worldwide placement firm, Summit Financial Resources can help you with custom financing products that keep your cash flow moving – even when seasonality slows you down. This will help so you can meet your obligations, make payroll, and maintain your peace of mind.

Summit Financial Resources specializes in working capital financing for small to medium-sized businesses that need increased cash flow. We provide working capital financing through invoice factoring, asset-based lending, inventory lending, and equipment financing.