Summit Financial Services is fanatical about client service. Our Relationship Managers know that keeping clients happy involves more than just managing transactions. They understand that communication, trust, and respect are the keys to creating effective and long-lasting relationships.

As the primary point of contact between Summit Financial Resources and our clients, our Relationship Managers develop a thorough understanding of each account. They have direct responsibility for ensuring that all facets of a client’s loan facility are working at their highest level. This means handling daily transactions and working with clients on contract terms, pricing, and loan structure in order find solutions that best meet their needs.

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As a customer, you rely on their expertise and efficiency when it comes to answering questions, solving problems, or just checking the status of your loan, but we want to be sure that you’re getting the most out of this relationship. Here are three tips for maximizing the value of your Relationship Manager.

Communication is a Constant

We hear it all the time: communication is the key to a successful relationship. This is true in our personal lives and in our professional lives, and it is certainly true when it comes to your relationship with Summit Financial Resources.

Establishing and maintaining an open channel of communication is the number one way to get the most from your Relationship Manager. We believe that getting to know our customers is the key to creating customized financing options. However, providing you with an asset-based lending solution is just the beginning. The more you’re willing to share with us, the better we are able to analyze and assess your borrowing needs on an ongoing basis.

No Such Thing as a Foolish Question

In order to provide you with viable financing alternatives, we need to understand what makes you and your business tick. We want to be clear about why you need working capital and determine where it will do the most good. We do this by asking a lot of questions and listening to the answers.

When it comes to relationship-building, asking is not a one-way street. Our Relationship Managers want to help you and your business in any way they can. They are eager to share their knowledge and expertise and to provide answers to your questions or explanations when there is something you don’t understand.

Relationship Managers are also great listeners. You can trust that your issues will be heard and your concerns will be taken seriously. At the same time, you’ll be helping your Relationship Manager get a clearer picture of your challenges. In our experience, working with a lender who understands you makes for a better partnership down the road.

Let’s be Honest

In order to build a strong and lasting relationship with us, you must be able to trust and rely on us to always have your best interests at heart. In addition to providing timely and meaningful communication, we are committed to a policy of openness and honesty with our clients. For the relationship to be impactful, you need to feel comfortable being open with us in return.

When it comes to working with your Relationship Manager, you can count on them to offer unbiased, professional opinions and candid points of view, but they are only as good as the information they have to work with. It is imperative that you provide what they ask for in a timely manner, with as much detail as possible.

If you don’t have the information, tell them. This means coming clean when the news is bad. In the absence of information, most lenders will lean towards the worst-case scenario. Whether you owe back taxes or are facing a serious cash flow crunch, being upfront will enable your Relationship Manager to partner with you to help resolve the issues.

Our success is proven by the long-term relationships we build with our clients, which in turn allow them to be successful. Summit Financial Resources understands that developing and maintaining relationships based on mutual trust and respect is essential to creating a win-win for your business and for ours.

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Summit Financial Resources specializes in working capital financing for small to medium-sized businesses that need increased cash flow. We provide working capital financing through invoice factoring, asset-based lending, inventory lending, and equipment financing.